Greg Melton

Greg Melton

Principal Landscape Architect

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a mountain bike and that’s pretty dang close!”


Greg Melton has been planning and designing award-winning landscape architecture for over 25 years!  Formerly Land Image, Greg Melton broke off on his own to open Melton Design Group to take his Landscape Architecture dream to the next level.  Infusing sustainability into every design is of key importance to Greg.  He is dedicated to designing spaces where people gather, celebrate and create community; he calls it, “social landscape.”

One of Greg’s most valued assets is his ability to visualize and help clients understand the big picture of a project; “To see the end in the beginning!” How a person may experience a project site, in understanding relationships with the site’s history, the surrounding environment, be able to translate these aspects into a physical and visual experience that is informative, fun and aesthetically pleasing, this is called “The Vision.”

A father of four, Greg’s proudest moments are with his kids! Riding his bike and appreciating the great outdoors inspires Greg to infuse the natural environment in all his designs. Greg’s ultimate goal is to live in the moment; this allows inspiration to come, people to be appreciated and life to be lived.


Bachelor of Sciences in Landscape Architecture: University of California, Davis

Bachelor of Sciences in Horticulture and Recreation Planning: California State University, Chico


California Landscape Architect License #4217

Nevada Landscape Architect License #1062


Several of my travels took me to quaint villages, places like France, Spain, and Sonoma County.  They allowed me to get in touch with community.  The small little villages provided the exact environment for me to understand the relationship between people and their surroundings, a perfect combination that creates a “happy place.” Sitting at a café, wandering the cobblestone streets and experiencing connection helps me appreciate the details that make a community.


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