Quality Assurance

The team prepares and follows a quality control plan—using both our existing internal controls and the guidelines set by the agencies. Team MDG provides technical resources necessary to ensure that deliverables are complete and meet all technical requirements. We have Quality Control/Quality Assurance guidelines and checklists that are followed during each phase. These checklists include performing quality assurance spot checks for consistency of subconsultant deliverables, as well as process checks to ensure critical steps do not get over looked.

In implementing Quality Assurance, we review product quality (spot checks) and ensure conformance with the Quality Control Plan, along with the required Standards and Specifications during the project delivery cycle. As evidence of this, we complete and deliver a project-specific Quality Control checklist with each product review. The Peer Review is the true test as we cross reference our work amongst ourselves to verify a clean cohesive project. The Project Manager then signs the checklist to certify a QA/QC review of the submittal.

MDG has lead projects with municipalities of all sizes, located in many regions in Northern California. We know every project is different, from the area standards to people, climate and even the soil composition, so we take a holistic approach in reviewing development proposals. As a planner, it is not only our duty to know the design guidelines, but to also understand all the work and previous planning processes that have taken place for a project. We evaluate the specific and unique needs of an area
and use that knowledge to guide our design to successfully fulfill the needs of those who will utilize the final space.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
– Henry Ford

We will maintain and ensure quality control throughout the duration of the project through clear direction from the Principal in Charge and Project Manager according to project scope of work and vision. Project tasks are then kept on schedule through our outline of meeting updates and review. Regular project oversight will recognize early warning signs if the project is off track.

Our experience with projects of this nature is also a key element of quality control. Creative details are available from similar projects with proven design and construction methods; these can be referenced and upgraded as relevant to your project. Projects evolve over time as we understand their site elements, do research and incorporate technological upgrades, cost saving options and sustainable design solutions.

Quality is the best business plan.
– John Lasseter, Pixar