Designing in the Fall

Fall in Chico SM-resized

The shades of autumn such as orange, yellow, dark green, rust and brown make lovely accents. I really enjoy designing with fall colors. It’s my favorite season. I love to go out and watch how people decorate their houses with different plant materials then watch how they go through the metamorphoses of a spectacular fall color display, it’s amazing! Whether it’s the deep red of the autumn blaze maple, or the explosive power of the yellow ginkgo, fall can inspire us to

A New Plan for Caper Acres, Chico, CA

Caper Acres has been a staple in the Chico community for many, many decades. When there was talk of it closing, the community fought back. We are so excited to be able to be a part of this project! With the help and input from the community and the city, we are redesigning Caper Acres Park. 

Inspiration of the Week: Seattle, WA

This past weekend our team member Scott made the long drive all the way up to Washington! He visited the Public Market and was impressed by the well constructed open market and the ability to move large numbers of people through this space. Lush landscapes and weather tolerant plantings were inspiring!

Inspiration of the Week: Sun Valley, Idaho

Last weekend our principal landscape architect, Greg, took a road trip to the quaint, little town of Ketchum, Idaho. He spent most of his time in Sun Valley, a famous tourist town. Amazing views of the Sawtooth Mountains surround the town which offers a massive amount of outdoor activities. Beautifully landscaped, it’s hard not to walk away with the images of Sun Valley in the fall! Enjoy some great, inspirational photos from the trip!