Caper Acres Park Redesign Updates!

Here at Melton Design Group, most of us are locals – born and raised in Chico, CA. So you can imagine our excitement when we were approached by the city to give our iconic park, Caper Acres, a face lift.

Our conceptual plans for Caper Acres Park are currently in review with the City of Chico. With the city, we have redesigned the park to maintain it’s character, but improve safety regarding equipment and the overall park. 

What IS Landscape Architecture?

What IS Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture is a licensed Architect specializing in the design of outdoor spaces. Melton Design Group has designed everything from landmarks to city parks and recreation areas, residential projects, skate parks, trail systems, agritourism and agricultural entertainment spaces. Landscape architecture can also include habitat,

Designing in the Fall

Fall in Chico SM-resized

The shades of autumn such as orange, yellow, dark green, rust and brown make lovely accents. I really enjoy designing with fall colors. It’s my favorite season. I love to go out and watch how people decorate their houses with different plant materials then watch how they go through the metamorphoses of a spectacular fall color display, it’s amazing! Whether it’s the deep red of the autumn blaze maple, or the explosive power of the yellow ginkgo, fall can inspire us to