Santorini, Greece

On this cloudy day we are dreaming of travels to clear water and sunshine. Majestic views, the use of timeless terracing to experience a 360 degree view of the Aegean Sea.  Black and red sand beaches, whitewashed buildings, a unique and one-of-a-kind landscape that is a backdrop for perfection.


Inspiration of the Week: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

A few weekends ago, Christa, our marketing guru, was down in San Francisco attending a leadership conference and was able to sneak away to the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Joined by her husband Greg, our principal landscape architect, they toured the famous aquatic park which features a historial boat exhibit! Check out this unconventional historical park on water and the gorgeous lines and detail of the old ships.

Inspiration of the Week: MFO-Park, Neu-Oerlikon, Zurich

Formerly an engine factory, MFO-Park is an award-winning designed park that covers over 95,000 square feet of free, green and open space. Located in Zurich, the park includes skyline views of the city due to the trellis design of the structure. Walls of greenery enclose the area, and are filled with mixtures of plants, flowers, seating areas, water features and open space for the community to use for large, recreational events. It’s mix of modern and industrial,

Inspiration of the Week: High Tatras, Slovakia

Keeping with the theme of the cold December weather, we’re looking back at past adventures. One of our own, Borka, moved from Slovakia to the U.S. about five or six years ago and saying that she’s lover of the outdoors would be an understatement! The High Tatras offer extraordinary mountain and lake formations, high-mountain snow peaks, cold hardy plantings, connection to nature, mushroom hunting, and natural herbs. It’s a truly inspiring place!

Inspiration of the Week: Seattle, WA

This past weekend our team member Scott made the long drive all the way up to Washington! He visited the Public Market and was impressed by the well constructed open market and the ability to move large numbers of people through this space. Lush landscapes and weather tolerant plantings were inspiring!