The Butte County Master Gardeners are hosting a series of one hour workshops in March on how to keep your plants alive during severe drought and what changes to make in your landscape to create a drought tolerant garden for the future.

All workshops are absolutely FREE and reservations are NOT required, just show up at the Chico Library on the corner of 1st Ave and Sherman Ave from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on the following days: 

  • March 3rd: What you can do NOW to keep your plants alive during the current drought. We will discuss how much to cut back on water, how to prune plants appropriately, and how to make decisions on which plants to protect and which to sacrifice.
  • March 10th: We will discuss the right way to remove all or some of your lawn! This is the best place to save water and you can still create a beautiful, green space with drought tolerant species. Before and after pictures will provide examples of successful lawn to landscape conversions.
  • March 17th: This workshop will focus on using water-efficient irrigation methods even if you only use a garden hose. We will discuss how to automate your system, convert a current irrigation system to drip, and install a new drip system.
  • March 24th: We live in a Mediterranean climate so we should take advantage of the drought tolerant plants that do best here! We will talk about how to choose and care for the large selection of drought-tolerant plants available in this area and how to create a beautiful garden that will also act as a haven for native insects and wildlife.

Take a break and join the Master Gardeners for an hour each week in March!