With a “quiet” or soft opening of primary play components, Turtle Bay’s Tree Top Forest Adventure features a variety of play activities for older kids and teens, to adults. These activities include a play tower, zip-line, climbing wall, swings, and a massive hammock.

Climbing wall with zip-line at right, slide at left, and adventure going down zip-line

Hundreds of parents and kids had a blast on the new playground, thrilled that it was officially open. After a quick overview of the play rules for parents and children alike, the visitors split up to experience the activities the playground had to offer.

Climbing wall offers tricky climbing with low risk

The zip-line was an especially thrilling feature, allowing for controlled trips that whisk riders past other playground features. It is connected to the climbing wall to allow for independent discovery and play.

Rope bridge from wall to climbing tower

The Adventure Tower offers a rope bridge in addition to multiple levels, a slide, and rope climber that encourages imaginative activity in addition to providing a great view of the surrounding area.

Adventure Tower with bottom of zip-line

Joining the zip-line and Adventure Tower is the climbing wall, engineered to allow for free climbing of varying difficulty and offering two caves for exploration. You won’t want to touch the ground again!

Hammock with swings at right

Swings and giant hammock promote activity in the other corner of the playground, where everyone from adults to teens to older kids can practice their balance and coordination.