Agritourism is defined as anything agriculturally-based that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. It could be an event, an activity or even job opportunity. For example, anything from going to a spooky halloween corn maze, to buying produce from a farm stand, picking fruit, feeding animals, touring a vineyard, the actual process of winemaking or even staying at a bed and breakfast on a farm are all activities considered to be agritourism.

One of the unique features of Agritourism is “Agritainment!” Agritainment is the process of creating entertaining spaces for farm direct marketing and sustainable agriculture. Creating pairing gardens, wedding venues, concert amphitheatres, interpretive panels, and strolling paths that tell your story are all examples of Agritainment.

Melton Design Group is positioned in the heart of California’s agricultural hub and has successfully completed many projects that bring visitors from all over the world!  Here’s a few of our examples: