What IS Agritourism?

Agritourism is defined as anything agriculturally-based that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. It could be an event, an activity or even job opportunity. For example, anything from going to a spooky halloween corn maze, to buying produce from a farm stand, picking fruit, feeding animals, touring a vineyard, the actual process of winemaking or even staying at a bed and breakfast on a farm are all activities considered to be agritourism.

Inspiration of the Week: World Peace Rose Garden at Capitol Park, Sacramento, CA

Recently our travels have taken us to Sacramento! Last week we made some time to walk through the World Peace Rose Garden at The Capitol. Created in 2003 as a sanctuary of peace, love, and inspiration for people of all nations, cultures, and religions. Your eye is drawn to the pops of color, has clean lines and is always in pristine condition. It’s inspiring to have lanscape that was built for a greater meaning that just looking beautiful!

Team Melton Gets Their Hands Dirty

Last week, the entire team dug deep – literally – and landscaped an entire front yard in hours! The clients were returning from a trip that afternoon, so all hands were on deck to get plants in and the water feature running before they arrived home. We had such a blast being out in the field!

Inspiration of the Week: Bend, OR

Inspired by the growth of a simple lumber community into a vibrant urban community.  A well developed city centered around the Deschutes River, its lush surroundings and organic materials all weaved into the architecture enhancing the natural landscape. We often visit to get a quick inspiration! In fact, we went this last weekend! The fall colors are so vibrant on the backdrop of such organic materials.

Inspiration of the Week: Boston, MA

A masonry inspired trip…the use of natural stone weaved through the streets, buildings and town center. The cobblestones are timeless, experiencing the fall colors of the Northeast. Photo courtesy of www.gobot.com