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Skate-ParksThe Melton Design Group (MDG) staff has over 20 years of Skate Park design experience and offers a wide range of expertise in skate park planning and action sport related projects. MDG has worked with a multitude of public agencies, facilitating interests of skate park users, the neighbors and agency staff. We have a successful record of producing unique and functional skate parks and recreation facilities. We take the time to facilitate public workshops to gather the input of the community before designing your new skate park.By designing your skate park master plan or bike park with 3D renderings and animation, MDG takes the skate park or bike park experience to the next level.  

We pride ourselves on not only keeping up with the latest trends but also thinking outside of the box, creating new trends and experiences.

Here are just a few reviews from boarders on skate parks designed by Melton Design Group:

Rider reviews from on Placerville Skate Park –

“Great park with smooth transitions and endless lines to discover.”
“It is a great park with a little bit of everything … check it out it’s awesome.”

Rider review on on Red Bluff Skate Park –

“This park is great…the transitions are great the overall flow is awesome…the coping is perfect and everyone loves to ride it.”

Quincy Skate Park –

“Quincy Skate Park receives 10 out of 10!”

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